At Prime Nordic we provide everyday investors with the opportunity to take advantage of investments dependant on the stability and growth of companies within the Nordic Region.

Working with Prime Nordic

• Unlock The Power of Compound Interest

• Invest in a lump sum and/or make regular monthly deposits

• No set-up fees, management costs or ongoing charges

• Dedicated relationship manager

• No minimum or maximum investment

Current Opportunities

Option 1

Compounding bond
6% pa 2021
  • Max 3-year term
  • Interest Rate 6% pa
  • Up to 19.01% ROI
  • Invest lump sum or
  • Monthly deposits
  • Section 21 Approved FSMA
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Option 2

Compounding bond
8% pa 2023
  • Max 5-year term
  • Interest Rate 8% pa
  • Up to 46.93% ROI
  • Invest lump sum or
  • Monthly deposits
  • Section 21 Approved FSMA
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Why invest in the Nordic?

A varied, but strong economy, performing well in relation to the EU

"The Nordic region consists of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, but most investors leave out Iceland due to its smaller size. These countries share a common strategy for combining socialism with capitalism in the form of higher taxes, comprehensive social nets, and a competitive market economy. In the past, this system has been tremendously successful at generating both financial returns and a high quality of life."

"The Nordic Region also remains an attractive destination for foreign investment, accounting for 7% of Europe’s total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows, in a region having 4% of the European population.”

Source: Nordic Council of Ministers: State of the Nordic Region 2018

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