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Alvexo's ever popular Trader's Playbook — a yearly publication in its 4th edition, provides access
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Will Oil Prices Rebound?

Discover the players and events that have depressed oil prices.

Lifting the Lid on Monetary Policy

Choosing between lower or higher interest rates and their effect on currencies

Are Cryptos starting to Mature?

What to expect in 2019 as Cryptos begin to establish themselves.

Get a Global Perspective on Your 2019 Trading Goals

An understanding of global economic fundamentals is essential for making astute trading
decisions. Trader's Playbook delivers infographically presented — easy to reference data
and insights to fortify your trading confidence.

US interest rates

are attempting to return to their long term average

Should the interest rate paid on US dollar holdings rise -

value of the US dollar will potentially rise in relation to other currencies

If this happens the US dollar will potentially strengthen,

leading to assets priced in US dollars such as crude oil, to fall in price

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